Sport Celebrity Parents


One might think that being a parent  would come easy to celebrity types who seem to have more money than God.  But it seems that it can be just as daunting for them, as it is for the regular (wo)man in the street.  Indeed, in a recent article, football mogul David Beckham admitted to the task at hand being “scary,” although he did add that it is a “great experience” too.

Father of four kids ranging from six months to 12-years-old, David Beckham has admitted that while watching his kids grow up is great, it’s also scary because he “can see Brooklyn getting different interests. Wanting to go out with his friends, wanting to talk about girls, growing up into a young man.”  Still, however tough it may be for the famous football star, he said it’s way better raising 3 sons and 1 daughter as opposed to the other way round. 

Beckham also said how different it has been raising Harper (so far) than the three boys whom he can throw up in the air, but with his daughter it is different and she’s clearly very feminine in everything she does.  He concluded by saying that he was “glad she’s got three older brothers and a dad to look after her”!

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