Sidney Crosby Signs with Pittsburgh Penguins for a Decade

To the relief of many Pittsburgh Penguins fans, Sidney Crosby recently agreed to a 12 year, $104.4 million contract to continue playing. While some worry about what will happen if Crosby gets hurt again, Penguins co-owners Mario Lemieux and Ron Burkle of Los Angeles were clearly comfortable enough with the matter to extend their captain’s career until he turns 37.

The Penguins first snatched up Crosby during the 2005 entry draft, allowing them to lock in a number one pick.  Despite his medical problems and issues, Crosby has continued to impress, and Lemieux and Ron Burkle certainly had no intention of letting him go now.

Certainly, there is some loyalty that Pittsburgh shows towards Crosby for bringing them the Stanley Cup in 2009, and the owners are showing great faith that he will continue to perform and push through any medical issues that might arise. Even when he’s been absent due to medical issues, he’s remained as one of the top leaders of the NHL charts.

Mario Lemieux and Ron Burkle are savvy investors; they know star power when they see it and they’ve offered up the best they can to their fans for the coming decade. And to many, that is worth every cent of the $8.7 million a season that they’re about to pay.

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