Fall Marathon Season is Approaching Faster Than You Think

Most marathon runners train for months before a marathon. This is why many marathon runners keep a  close eye on races a few months down the line.  Two races stand out.  One is the Baltimore Marathon and the other is the world famous NYC Marathon a month later. GSPN asked one runner, Frank Storch what he was planning to do. “Normally I would be training only for the NYC Marathon, but I decided to go for the Baltimore Marathon in October at a slower clip to get ready for the NYC Marathon,” Frank Storch said.

Another runner, Shlawnda Stevens echoed Storch’s view, at least as an ideal. “Yeah I think that maybe an interesting approach, but my only question would be the rebound time after Baltimore.”

Thankfully there is still plenty of time to sign up and decide either between the two or to do both.

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