Baseball VS Football

Forbes contributor Maury Brown recently shared his opinion that Major League Baseball is better than the NFL, explaining that while the NFL rules in television ratings, he prefers baseball, alongside many others. He lists ten reasons why:

  1. It’s played in the summer.
  2. It’s played daily.
  3. Every ballpark is different.
  4., MLB.TV, and MLB “At Bat” for Mobile Devices Rules Online
  5. No lockouts or strikes.
  6. No concussion threats.
  7. The numbers matter.
  8. Baseball is cerebral.
  9. Baseball has amazing history.
  10. Free baseball.

See Brown’s full explanation here.


Ravens in 2012 Playoff

See how the Ravens made it to the Super Bowl in this 2012 playoff divisional game.

Regis Philbin Returns to Television

Regis Philbin has returned to full-time television this summer with Fox Sports 1 network’s “Crowd Goes Wild.” He discusses the show on WSJ’s Lunch Break while trying out the new Google Glass.


Patrick Ewing to Become Associate Head Coach for Charlotte Bobcats

220px-Space_jamSources have confirmed that Patrick Ewing, Hall of Fame center, will become the associate head coach for the Charlotte Bobcats in what many will see as a ‘Space Jam’ reunion.

Ewing and Charlotte owner Michael Jordan appeared in the 1996 classic that featured other famous stars including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety and other Looney Tunes. The two were also long-time rivals when they played for the Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks.

Ewing’s new coaching job will be alongside the team’s new head coach Steve Clifford. The pair have much personal and professional history as well.

Ewing has worked 8 seasons as an assistant coach for the NBA, including Orlando and Houston.

Tampa Bay Rays Come Out Over San Diego Padres

The Tampa Bay Rays have turned to an old formula to shake their recent bad stretch.

Starting pitching, outstanding defensive plays, well-timed hits and shutout relief pitching left the Rays with a 4-2 victory over the San Diego Padres this weekend.

Sean Rodriguez said:

“It felt like it was back to normal. You can never lose that confidence in your bullpen. They’ve earned that respect from us. They’re going to turn it around.”

Joel Peralta added, “We’ve been through a bad stretch and everybody has expected us to do what we’ve been doing the last couple days. It feels great to go out there and win games, especially McGee because I know when he gets going, he’s going to be unstoppable.”

McGee said: “It’s been good to go out there and have some 1-2-3 innings instead of battling through every pitch.”

Ari Glass on NFL Free Agency

According to Ari Glass, managing member at Boothbay Management LLC and Giants enthusiast, the NY football team has been relatively quiet in free agency.

In a blog article, he explains that “the biggest move they have made has been restructuring some of their player contracts or cutting other over priced players.  They have been very patient picking up Brandon Meyers as  a replacement for the solid Martellus Bennett.  Meyers put up good numbers with the Raiders but Oakland message boards don’t appear to be too upset about his departure.   They call him  a product of the system and point to the lack of wide receivers.  He should do ok.”

He added: “Column reader Bob F has been very vocal to me with his strong opinion on getting Cruz signed.  I could not disagree more.  The guy is reportedly looking for $10m per year.  He is not that good of a receiver.  His numbers are misleading.  He is very much the product of Eli Manning and the system.”

Glass concludes that “This year in general is very interesting in NFL free agency.  Most didn’t realize the cap would be flat.  The result was that even after expected cuts the excess cap room that people had to spend was significantly lower  than expected and certainly lower than planned for when prior year contracts were signed leaving a lot of current and near future cap casualties which will have ramifications.  The Giants, are being patient and may wind up with some bargains on some very good players.  Stay tuned.”


LeBron James Returns for a 106-87 Victory

After undergoing several tests, LeBron James took the court last night to lead the Miami Heat to a 106-87 win over the 76ers. James scored 27 points despite his three-game break following a hamstring injury.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said: “He knows his body better than anybody, so he knew how to pace himself and put his fingerprints on the game.”

After the game, James said: “”It’s special. We’ve got a special team. We’ve been saying that all year. We don’t take this moment for granted. There’s not many teams in NBA history that have won 60 games.”

76ers’ Dorell Wright added: “That’s a championship team, a veteran team, so they know how to close games. But I’m not taking anything from us. I think effort was there. We played hard.”

The Heat won their game despite the absence of two injured players- Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.


Carolina Hurricane Win 3-2 Despite Injured Goalie

Dan Ellis, goalie for the Carolina Hurricane, didn’t start in yesterday’s game against the Florida Panthers. He did end up playing though, and helped his team earn a 3-2 victory with 19 saves.

Ellis explained that his initial reluctance to play was due to an illness.

“Just wasn’t feeling well,” Ellis said. “Some type of flu or whatever it was, but in the end that ended up costing us our goalie. It kind of sucks to lose such a good goaltender, such a big piece to our team, and such a good person. But at least we got the win.”

Goalie Cam Ward replaced Ellis in the beginning of the game, but was taken down during the second. The extent of his leg injury was unclear after the game.

“He’ll probably get evaluated tomorrow… More results,” explained Hurricane coach Kirk Muller. “Hopefully he gets back soon because he was playing good hockey.”

Ellis added: “If I maybe would have just found a way to play through it, maybe it could have prevented an accident like that.”

Zarsha Leo CEO on the Super Bowl Blackout

This year’s Super Bowl started out rather dry, with the 49ers trailing behind the Ravens 21-6. The half time show featured a disappointing performance from Beyonce, as well as a brief visit from Destiny’s Child. To top it all off, power was lost at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome for a total of 34 minutes, making it hard for television viewers to stay focused.

Evan Burschkopf, CEO of restaurant-bar Zarsha Leo, expressed gratitude to his staff for being quick on their feet.

“The staff at our Maryland venue was forced to come up with some pretty creative pastime ideas during the blackout. Our waitresses ended up auctioning off special deals and conducting a bar-wide trivia game using free drinks as prizes,” he revealed. “Thankfully they all had smartphones, or they wouldn’t have been able to come up with enough questions!” He added, “I’m impressed with their crisis management skills and am immensely proud of all who were involved.”

Super Bowl 2013- Game, Halftime Show and Commercials

Despite its slow beginning, this year’s Super Bowl managed to build up some serious momentum. The first half set the precedent for an equally dull halftime performance by Beyonce, which culminated in a half-hour blackout. Conspiracy theorists believe the league manipulated the situation to pump some fresh adrenaline into the game; whether this is true or not, the downtime was definitely enough to the get the 49ers back on track.

The Super Bowl Commercials were also mediocre, but there were a couple that stood out throughout the event: