Packers Win Super Bowl; Cavaliers Set Losing Streak Record

The Green Bay Packers battled fiercely against the Pittsburgh Steelers for the biggest, most respected prize in U.S. sports, coming out victorious with a score of 31-25. Both teams had a great season, and were pretty evenly matched, with the Packers rising throughout the season and the Steelers just as tough as they were two years ago when they defeated the Arizona Cardinals in the 43rd Super Bowl.

Led by their young quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the Packers opened the game with a 21-3 lead by the second quarter. The Steelers made a late comeback, though, and the outcome of the game was the least predictable that it’s been for years. Seven touchdowns were scored between the teams, but the game came down to defense while both teams lost major players to injuries.

Mike McCarthy, head coach of the Packers, said “We just kept battling. We had some adversity, we lost some guys to injuries and we had some rough plays out there. We knew it was going to be a heavyweight slug match. We knew it was going to come down to the wire.”


Meanwhile in the NBA, the Cleveland Cavaliers have set a record by losing their 25th consecutive game on Monday against the Dallas Mavericks. With the final score at 99-96, the Cavaliers had a chance to tie the game during the final seconds when Anthony Parker shot a three-pointer, but he missed.

“When it hit the front of the rim I still thought it was going to hit the backboard and trickle in,” Parker said after the game. “It is so disappointing to come up short again. We just have to keep at it.”


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