Packers and Steelers Preparing for the Super Bowl

This year’s Super Bowl teams are basically as evenly matched as teams can be. Both were ranked in the top five in team efficiency rankings, often switching from 2nd to 3rd and from 3rd to 2nd place.

The Packers have a stronger offense, and are great at making the pass and throwing minimal interceptions. The Steelers, on the other hand, have a solid defense and do a great job stopping that pass, as well as picking off many interceptions.

When asked what the Steelers need to bring to win on Sunday, Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said “I think for me, I mean obviously we have to try to score more points than they do. But for me it’s going to be about identifying their defense, trying to pick up their blitzes, and when you identify you have a better chance of doing that. You still have to execute you know and do your job and do your role, but if we can find a way to identify their defense and their blitzes and where they’re coming from I think that gives us a better opportunity, a better chance.”

Aaron Rogers, quarterback for the Packers, said "I think the key to coming out with a victory here on Sunday is going to be the turnover ratio. You look at the last 10 Super Bowls and eight of the nine teams that have won the turnover ratio have won the game. So you can't turn it over against them and expect to win.” He added that his receivers are an essential part of his game. "My receivers make me look really good. I've got five really talented guys who I'd match up against any guy in the League. Greg Jennings is as good as any receiver. Donald (Driver), Jordy (Nelson), James (Jones), and Brett (Swain) all have a lot of talent and different things that they can do for us. It's tough for us to get them all on the field at the same time, but we try to draw plays for each of those guys every week."

Dom Capers, the Packers defensive coordinator said, when asked about the two competing quarterbacks: "I think the two have different styles. Ben is bigger, stronger, but Aaron has good instincts and is a good athlete who can get outside the pocket. You've seen him extend plays and he's got the arm strength to throw it down the field. Both of these guys are concerning for the defenses in terms of trying to keep them in the pocket and trying not to let one of the receivers run through your coverage down the field."

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