Meadows Meanders Out


2012 UK Olympics

Athlete Jenny Meadows anticipates she will be participating in her last competitive run in the upcoming London Olympics.  She is running the 800m race and feels that it might be her last, since, as she claims, she was “a late starter,” to this kind of competitive running, currently being 31-years-old.  However, Meadows is determined to go out with a bang and is really utilizing all her time to train well for the upcoming race.  She feels that one reaches their peak in sports between 27 and 31, so she’d prefer to  bow out gracefully than push it too much, and have a weaker exit.

Magnificent Meadows

It makes sense that Jenny Meadows doesn’t want to compete if she doesn’t feel 100 percent up for it.  She’s quite the medal-taker.  In 2009 she won the bronze medal at the Berlin World Championships (for Great Britain), following five years of competing on an international level.  Another bronze medal came her way in 2010 at the European Championships and, in the same year, she got up to a silver medal in Doha at the World Indoor Championships.  But in 2011 she didn’t fare quite as well in South Korea’s World Championships, or in 2008 in Beijing. 

Still, Meadows definitely wants to go out with a good bang if possible.  So she’s working hard for next year, but doesn’t anticipate pushing it any further.

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