Will Beckham Bid Farewell?

Despite being 36 years old, David Beckham feels that he still has at least a couple of good years in him before he takes retirement. According to a recent article, Beckham says that he feels very strong and healthy and even likes getting up early in the morning to train. Although his contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy of the Major League Soccer is due to expire by the end of this season, he still wants to be playing.

Beckham began his career with the UK Manchester United team, with which he is still involved, as a consultant. It was him who made the suggestion that Paul Scholes should be replaced by Wesley Sneijder, the extremely talented Dutch football player.

Meanwhile, if it is the case that he enjoys his early morning training sessions, perhaps David can encourage wife Victoria to join him, who is said to be frustrated at not having gotten her pre-pregnancy figure back yet. Mind you, it doesn’t seem to bother the super-star football player, who, according to an article in the Belfast Telegraph, has been “showering her with compliments.” Despite this, “Victoria is reportedly hell-bent on regaining her signature slim frame.”

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