Tebow’s Triumphs

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, has quite a lot to be proud of these days.  Not only is he scoring on field, but he’s also faring pretty well off the field.  It’s his attitude that has to be admired; no matter what Tebow does, he does it with immense strength and commitment.  Some of his achievements to date include:  the Heisman Trophy; national trophy as the University of Florida’s quarterback; against all odds and predictions he got picked in the first NFL round draft; appearing with his mom (who was advised to abort him) in a pro-life commercial during last year’s Super Bowl.  As well, Tebow is quite the volunteer.  He has been known to pray with hospital patients but without the hype usually associated with the famous who do this; clearly Tebow does it altruistically.   But that might not be so surprising, given his origins: his parents are Baptist missionaries.

So these days, Tebow is quite the hero.  It of course helps too that he’s a whizz when it comes to being a quarterback; one only needs to review his most recent game against the Miami Dolphins – his first game of the year as starting quarterback – in which he really showed his true colors and expertise.  It seems that consequently his team is under pressure to put the man out there on the nation’s largest sports stage.  And why not?  He sure is made of tough stuff is our Tim Tebow.

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