LeBron James Returns for a 106-87 Victory

After undergoing several tests, LeBron James took the court last night to lead the Miami Heat to a 106-87 win over the 76ers. James scored 27 points despite his three-game break following a hamstring injury.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said: “He knows his body better than anybody, so he knew how to pace himself and put his fingerprints on the game.”

After the game, James said: “”It’s special. We’ve got a special team. We’ve been saying that all year. We don’t take this moment for granted. There’s not many teams in NBA history that have won 60 games.”

76ers’ Dorell Wright added: “That’s a championship team, a veteran team, so they know how to close games. But I’m not taking anything from us. I think effort was there. We played hard.”

The Heat won their game despite the absence of two injured players- Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.


Carolina Hurricane Win 3-2 Despite Injured Goalie

Dan Ellis, goalie for the Carolina Hurricane, didn’t start in yesterday’s game against the Florida Panthers. He did end up playing though, and helped his team earn a 3-2 victory with 19 saves.

Ellis explained that his initial reluctance to play was due to an illness.

“Just wasn’t feeling well,” Ellis said. “Some type of flu or whatever it was, but in the end that ended up costing us our goalie. It kind of sucks to lose such a good goaltender, such a big piece to our team, and such a good person. But at least we got the win.”

Goalie Cam Ward replaced Ellis in the beginning of the game, but was taken down during the second. The extent of his leg injury was unclear after the game.

“He’ll probably get evaluated tomorrow… More results,” explained Hurricane coach Kirk Muller. “Hopefully he gets back soon because he was playing good hockey.”

Ellis added: “If I maybe would have just found a way to play through it, maybe it could have prevented an accident like that.”

Zarsha Leo CEO on the Super Bowl Blackout

This year’s Super Bowl started out rather dry, with the 49ers trailing behind the Ravens 21-6. The half time show featured a disappointing performance from Beyonce, as well as a brief visit from Destiny’s Child. To top it all off, power was lost at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome for a total of 34 minutes, making it hard for television viewers to stay focused.

Evan Burschkopf, CEO of restaurant-bar Zarsha Leo, expressed gratitude to his staff for being quick on their feet.

“The staff at our Maryland venue was forced to come up with some pretty creative pastime ideas during the blackout. Our waitresses ended up auctioning off special deals and conducting a bar-wide trivia game using free drinks as prizes,” he revealed. “Thankfully they all had smartphones, or they wouldn’t have been able to come up with enough questions!” He added, “I’m impressed with their crisis management skills and am immensely proud of all who were involved.”

Super Bowl 2013- Game, Halftime Show and Commercials

Despite its slow beginning, this year’s Super Bowl managed to build up some serious momentum. The first half set the precedent for an equally dull halftime performance by Beyonce, which culminated in a half-hour blackout. Conspiracy theorists believe the league manipulated the situation to pump some fresh adrenaline into the game; whether this is true or not, the downtime was definitely enough to the get the 49ers back on track.

The Super Bowl Commercials were also mediocre, but there were a couple that stood out throughout the event:


Denver Broncos Vs. Baltimore Ravens Playoffs 2013

Last night featured what was probably the most intense NFL game this season, with the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens coming head to head and finally ending the game in a double overtime. Despite their best efforts, the Broncos lost to the Ravens 38-35.

See the game highlights here:


NFL Playoffs of 2013

The NFL season is on the brink of the playoffs, with this year’s predicted Super Bowl champion team already out of the running.

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This year’s 12 competing teams all have a lot to work on. The Denver Broncos, leading the league with an 11-game winning streak, are Peyton Manning’s ride to a complete comeback. Still he feels they are a work in progress.

“I think we’ve done the best job of being the best we can possibly be in a short period of time,” he said.

The Broncos have been given a little extra time to rally with a bye during the first round of the playoffs. However, the Patriots, Falcons and 49ers were all given the same opportunity.

The Huffington Post explains the major weakness of each of the 12 competing teams.

“Odd as it sounds, the ball just hasn’t bounced the Broncos’ way this season. They’re minus-1 in turnover differential. Trindon Holliday has two return TDs but five fumbles. Knowshon Moreno was deactivated for two months after coughing up the ball before replacing an injured Willis McGahee in November. And rookie Ronnie Hillman didn’t see the field after his fumble Sunday led to the scary sight of Manning chasing down a cornerback to save a TD.  ‘Me, I’m telling him to get out of the way,’ Champ Bailey said. ‘But the competitive nature of him is telling him to make the tackle. He stuck his neck out there.’ His four-time surgically repaired neck, by the way.”

The Patriots also have some room for improvement, according to the Post.

“The Pats are as close to perfect as there is, but they, too, have blemishes, including RB Stevan Ridley’s fumbles. Despite rushing for a career-high 1,263 yards and 12 TDs in his second season, Ridley fumbled four times, putting him in line for one of coach Bill Belichick’s notorious rants. ‘We’re trying to play perfect football. That’s impossible, of course,’ Ridley said. ‘But when you make a mistake, you best believe that this is one place it’s not going to slide’.”




A Dream Comes True for Cerebral Palsy Teen

18-year-old Nick Anderson manages the basketball team at the Academy of Holy Angels high school in Minnesota. Challenged with cerebral palsy, Nick has never been able to play. Never, that is, until this week.

“There is no better feeling than stepping on the court with a jersey on,” Anderson said after the game. “This is something I’ve waited for my entire life.”

Though Anderson didn’t shoot, he handled the ball perfectly, helping his teammates achieve a 75-69 victory, according to the Star Tribune.
Anderson’s mother Michelle was thrilled for her son. Cerebral palsy has never kept him from pursuing his dreams, and this game was a gratifying reward for his determination. She explained:

“He has such a passion for sports, he loves it. And he’s a very deep thinker. But I never dreamed he would play the game, get the chance to go out there and do it. It’s incredible. He always had his determination.”

Coach Larry McKenzie said:

“He’s been more committed than the guys that get the opportunity to play. After every game, the first text I get on what we can do to improve is always from Nick. He’s a leader of leaders.”
He added, “I just think it sends that message that whatever your challenges are in life, if you stay with it, opportunity comes. Dreams to come true; I’m a believer in that.”

49ers Vs. Cardinals Highlights

Here are the highlights from this NFL season’s clash between the San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals.


Big All Jefferson’s Bed

Al Jefferson’s jumbo-sized bed has made a giant splash in the media this month, with Mo Williams’ Twitter shot wowing fans and furniture fanatics alike.

Measuring 12 feet by 10 feet, the bed is the size of the average bedroom. The set cost $23,287.

Talking about the generated hype, the Utah Jazz center said: “I think it’s really silly. I think there’s more important things going on in this world than me buying a bed that I can afford.”

He added, “I don’t regret it. I love it.”

Though the bed was certainly pricey, Jefferson is about to make $15 million this season. In comparison, the money spent is like a person with a $50,000 salary spending $77.62 on a bed; a steal by anyone’s standards!


Hot Start for the New York Jets

Following a disheartening offseason, Jets fans took a cautious approach to the team’s first game of the 2012 season. Their concerns were quickly alleviated by Sanchez though, all controversy regarding Tim Tebow pushed aside as he led the New York Jets to a 48-28 victory over the Buffalo Bills at MetLife Stadium.

See the game highlights with Amy K. Nelson of SB Nation here: