A Dream Comes True for Cerebral Palsy Teen

18-year-old Nick Anderson manages the basketball team at the Academy of Holy Angels high school in Minnesota. Challenged with cerebral palsy, Nick has never been able to play. Never, that is, until this week.

“There is no better feeling than stepping on the court with a jersey on,” Anderson said after the game. “This is something I’ve waited for my entire life.”

Though Anderson didn’t shoot, he handled the ball perfectly, helping his teammates achieve a 75-69 victory, according to the Star Tribune.
Anderson’s mother Michelle was thrilled for her son. Cerebral palsy has never kept him from pursuing his dreams, and this game was a gratifying reward for his determination. She explained:

“He has such a passion for sports, he loves it. And he’s a very deep thinker. But I never dreamed he would play the game, get the chance to go out there and do it. It’s incredible. He always had his determination.”

Coach Larry McKenzie said:

“He’s been more committed than the guys that get the opportunity to play. After every game, the first text I get on what we can do to improve is always from Nick. He’s a leader of leaders.”
He added, “I just think it sends that message that whatever your challenges are in life, if you stay with it, opportunity comes. Dreams to come true; I’m a believer in that.”

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