Go, Go, Go, Green Bay Packers!


No matter what kind of player you are, or how great a team you’re playing for, don’t even think of competing with the Green Bay Packers right now.  The NFL team is seemingly on an unstoppable roll. 

The team can thank its luck to either the stars in heaven or the stars on their team; both Aaron Rodgers and Philip Rivers have definitely been worth their weight in gold this season, seeing off the San Diego Chargers at 45 to 38.  Rodgers played a more-than-impressive game, completing 21 out of 26 passes for 247 yards, running his total to 24 TD throws.  Rivers threw four touchdown passes, tying his career high.  His 14 interceptions lead the NFL.

Hall of Famers

The team has already had a pretty good track record with its Hall of Famers, sporting 21 individuals in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Ohio, with their total coming in second only to the Chicago Bears with 27.  There are five other players displayed in the Hall of Fame – they may have only had a brief stint with the team, but they were there (Len Ford; Ted Hendricks; Walt Kiesling; Jan Stenerud and Emlen Tunnell).  Further, more than 140 players, staff and contributors over the years have been inducted into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame.

But this new roll is a real record.  Who knows where it will lead?  Wherever it goes or doesn’t go, Green Bay Packers fans everywhere are certainly smiling right now.

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