Ari Glass on NFL Free Agency

According to Ari Glass, managing member at Boothbay Management LLC and Giants enthusiast, the NY football team has been relatively quiet in free agency.

In a blog article, he explains that “the biggest move they have made has been restructuring some of their player contracts or cutting other over priced players.  They have been very patient picking up Brandon Meyers as  a replacement for the solid Martellus Bennett.  Meyers put up good numbers with the Raiders but Oakland message boards don’t appear to be too upset about his departure.   They call him  a product of the system and point to the lack of wide receivers.  He should do ok.”

He added: “Column reader Bob F has been very vocal to me with his strong opinion on getting Cruz signed.  I could not disagree more.  The guy is reportedly looking for $10m per year.  He is not that good of a receiver.  His numbers are misleading.  He is very much the product of Eli Manning and the system.”

Glass concludes that “This year in general is very interesting in NFL free agency.  Most didn’t realize the cap would be flat.  The result was that even after expected cuts the excess cap room that people had to spend was significantly lower  than expected and certainly lower than planned for when prior year contracts were signed leaving a lot of current and near future cap casualties which will have ramifications.  The Giants, are being patient and may wind up with some bargains on some very good players.  Stay tuned.”


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