This Year’s Playoff Teams Emerging

Last night’s football games made some final decisions regarding this year’s playoffs. The Green Bay Packers crushed the Giants 45-17, with quarterback Aaron Rodgers passing 404 yards and four touchdowns, while Eli Manning of New York threw four interceptions. The Packers can ensure a playoff spot if they beat Chicago next week, while the Giants will need a win over Washington and some help from other teams.

The New England Patriots swept the Buffalo Bills 34-3, wrapping up the AFC East and securing home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

The Baltimore Ravens beat the Browns 20-10 in an away game, with two touchdowns by Joe Flacco, two interceptions by Ed Reed and a tough defense that held Cleveland’s Peyton Hillis to only 35 yards on twelve carries.

The New York Jets lost 38-34 against the Chicago Bears, who already have a spot in the postseason games. However, their wildcard rivals the Jacksonville jaguars lost 20-17 in overtime to the Washington Redskins. The Jags now have a slim chance at making the playoffs; they need to win at Houston, while the Colts, who beat the Raiders 31-26, lose at home to the Titans.

The KC Chiefs had a 34-14 win over Tennessee , securing their first AFC West title since 2003.

The Eagle’s game was postponed due to weather conditions, but their NFC East spot was secured when the Giants lost.

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