Wildcard Weekend Part II

In last night’s games the Baltimore Ravens crushed the Kansas City Chiefs 30-7. Chief’s quarterback Matt Cassel threw three interceptions, helping the Ravens run up the score with two touchdowns and two field goals. During the season, the AFC North rivals played two games against each other, Baltimore winning the first, and Pittsburgh the second. “It’s going to be like it always is- a big physical football game, a lot of fun to play in and a lot of fun to watch,” said Joe Flacco, Baltimore’s quarterback. Cassel, quarterback for the Chiefs, said after the game “this one hurts, it really does sting. I felt going into the game that we had a great chance to win. We had a great week of practice and it really came down to the second half and turnovers… and it starts with me.”

The Eagles were taken down 21-16 by Green Bay, much to the dismay of Philadelphia. They missed two field goals, and almost won during the last few seconds but quarterback Michael Vick’s touchdown pass was intercepted in the end zone. “We’re just getting started,” said the Packers’ coach Mike McCarthy. “We just won a big football game here against a championship-caliber program and we have an opportunity to go to Atlanta to play the number one seed down there.” The Eagles’ quarterback strained an ankle on a sack in the fourth quarter. “The last play, I took a shot at the end zone,” he said. “I could have checked it down to the back and I got greedy and took a shot at the end zone. I didn’t throw the right ball I wanted to throw and it got picked off. It was a bad way to go out, but I went out swinging.”

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