UK Sports Celebrities “Giving an Hour”

The UK is teaching those who don’t know, how to use the Internet. And it even managed to bring sports celebrities to help in this quest.  Amazingly, in an act of kindness and in the spirit of volunteering, BBC Sport celebrities pledged an hour of their time in the ‘Give an Hour’ campaign.  It is not just about showing them how to use the Internet though, it is also meant as a lesson in why this could be good for them.  This program happened a few weeks ago when the clocks went back on Sunday.

Although this marked an official hour-giving of celebrity time, it seems this has been happening for a while, unofficially, with other sports celebrities around the nation.  For example, Jake Humphrey (presenter of Formula One), had been spending time showing his mother what she could do if she learned a few Internet skills.  She would always avoid the computer, so he started sitting down with her to show her things.  It was so helpful to him, he figured his mother could definitely benefit as well.

According to research from the Office for National Statistics in the UK, it appears that close to 9 million adults are not able to use the Internet, and almost half of these are over 55-years-old.  But there again, that means that more than 50 percent are youngsters so therefore education on Internet-use is needed nationwide for all ages.

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