Lyons: Player of the Week

Shane Lyons, junior striker of Western Michigan University (WMU), just earned himself the title ‘Mid-American Conference Player of the Week.’  This was given to him, following the pair of goals he scored that won the game for his team last weekend.

Lyons Brings WMU Back

It cannot be denied, the WMU was doing terribly until Lyons’ actions last week.  Indeed, the first four games of the season were nothing short of a disaster.  But, given Lyons’ actions, it seems like the WMU is back, and here to stay.  The team won three straight games, Lyons scoring a goal in each of those wins.  So for sure he deserved his award – the first of its kind that he has ever received.

Earlier this week the WMU was up against Valparaiso and Lyons scored the team’s first goal in a game that ended with a 2-0 win for them.  This marked their first victory against the Crusaders in four years.  He has earned himself a well-deserved reputation among his peers and coaches, and Stu Riddle, the team’s third-year coach, said, “we are starting to see Shane back to his best form which is pleasing for everyone involved with the program.  I’ve said all along he has the potential to be a 10-15 goal a season striker and he’s on track for those targets. Now he’s 100 percent match fit, I expect him to continue this excellent run of form.”

Let’s now hope Lyons is so pleased with his title that he continues to be motivated to work hard for his team and that the WMU is really back for business now.

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