NFL Changes: Natalie Ravitz Becomes VP of Communications

Certainly, there is something new happening in the NFL all the time, and someone needs to manage that information. The NFL has recently announced a new hire, as Natalie Ravitz will serve as their senior VP of communications. Ravitz comes from an impressive PR background, having served as Rupert Murdoch’s Chief of Staff at News Corp for three years.

In other NFL news, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus has allowed the Naval Academy player Keenan Reynolds to be part of the NFL while fulfilling his service requirements in the Navy Reserves. Reynolds was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens earlier this month without knowing if he would be able to play in 2016.

As Mabus has now said, “Keenan Reynolds is one of the finest people that I know. He is just a sterling individual. If I’m an NFL coach or GM, he’s the kind of person I want in my locker room.”

“When we have guys coming out of the Naval Academy who go on and play professional sports, or go on and do other things that are high profile, it gives us a chance to show who we are and show the type of people that we attract and recruit. I can’t think of a better ambassador for the United States Navy or for the United States military than Keenan Reynolds.”

This is certainly the type of story that Natalie Ravitz will be reporting on as VP of communications and it will be interesting to see how she develops the position over time.

For the Love of the Wallabies: Geoff Richards

Even though Geoff Richards only got to play for the Wallabies due to injury toll the team faced in 2010, he still had an impressive professional rugby career. Internationally speaking, the former rugby union player and coach got around. For example, although born and raised in England, very early on in his career, Richards was…

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Seattle Seahawks Obliterate Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII

In a shocking showdown, the Seattle Seahawks blew over the Denver Broncos for a 43-8 Super Bowl win. This is the team’s first NFL title, and while their season was undeniably impressive, the Seahawks’ outcome against the legendary Peyton Manning was especially extraordinary. The franchise dominated from the very first play of the game, and…

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NFL’s Week 16

Week 16 of the NFL featured several big plays and injuries that will have a lasting impact on this year’s playoffs. Learn more with Mike Garafolo:  

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Baseball VS Football

Forbes contributor Maury Brown recently shared his opinion that Major League Baseball is better than the NFL, explaining that while the NFL rules in television ratings, he prefers baseball, alongside many others. He lists ten reasons why: It’s played in the summer. It’s played daily. Every ballpark is different., MLB.TV, and MLB “At Bat”…

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Denver Broncos Trample Baltimore Ravens

In the NFL season opener, QB Peyton Manning led the Denver Broncos to a 49-27 victory over the Baltimore Ravens. Here are some of the highlights from Thursday, September 5th:  

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Chip Kelly Names Michael Vick Starting QB for the Eagles

Chip Kelly, new coach for the Philadelphia Eagles, recently named Michael Vick the starting quarterback for this year’s NFL season. Though the announcement isn’t shocking, there has been a degree of suspense among the team’s fans since Vick had to compete for his job after suffering a pay-cut. Earlier this summer, the leading QB and…

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Regis Philbin Returns to Television

Regis Philbin has returned to full-time television this summer with Fox Sports 1 network’s “Crowd Goes Wild.” He discusses the show on WSJ’s Lunch Break while trying out the new Google Glass.  

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Patrick Ewing to Become Associate Head Coach for Charlotte Bobcats

Sources have confirmed that Patrick Ewing, Hall of Fame center, will become the associate head coach for the Charlotte Bobcats in what many will see as a ‘Space Jam’ reunion. Ewing and Charlotte owner Michael Jordan appeared in the 1996 classic that featured other famous stars including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety and other Looney…

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Tampa Bay Rays Come Out Over San Diego Padres

The Tampa Bay Rays have turned to an old formula to shake their recent bad stretch. Starting pitching, outstanding defensive plays, well-timed hits and shutout relief pitching left the Rays with a 4-2 victory over the San Diego Padres this weekend. Sean Rodriguez said: “It felt like it was back to normal. You can never…

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